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sydney dumler


The Brand

At Forza Pilates, we celebrate inner strength [forza] and beauty in all forms. We’ve created a beautiful space in the heart of Wedgewood-Houston for individuals to build strength and practice self care.
Forza Pilates is a female owned and operated business founded by Sydney Dumler.

The Experience

Our contemporary reformer classes use eccentric muscle contractions to help clients feel longer and stronger. Instructors are trained in the ‘Forza Method’ to choreograph creative, athletic class sequencing.
Class sizes are limited so clients get personalized attention and care.

The Benefits


Improved strength

Reformer pilates is a form of training in which muscles work against a force or ‘resistance’. Students can adjust spring tension to their personal needs, increasing resistance as they get stronger.

Low impact

Low impact workouts like pilates can allow you to achieve your wellness goals in a way that is more gentle to your body. Low impact workouts were found to be beneficial to individuals’ heart health, endurance, and allows for a quicker recovery time.

Better balance

At Forza, we work opposing muscle groups, practice isolated movements, and strengthen stabilizer muscles to both improve and teach better balance in your body.

More flexibility

Many exercises in our classes incorporate dynamic stretching to build flexibility. We utilize the last few minutes of class to focus on deep stretches and breath work to help prevent injury. Working on your flexibility? Check out our Recovery class format.

Improved posture and body alignment

We keep our class sizes intimate so instructors can assure correct alignment in poses. If consistent, this learned increase of body awareness and core strength can work together to greatly correct posture.

Etc, etc, etc

The list goes on and on, why don’t you come see it for yourself?

Team Forza

Team Forza is a hand-picked, close-knit group of coaches working to grow community at our studio and in Wedgewood-Houston. Each of our instructors are trained in The Forza Method of teaching - come see it for yourself.

Alli Taylor

Amy King

Jamie Zoppe

Alexia Degremont

Juliet Kalifeh

Liza Sweeting

Menecis Garriga

Nick Reynolds

Sydney Dumler

Stephanie Murphy